Who are we

Morethannice was founded in 2021 by Tim Brinkman, Timo Wielink, Mark de la Court en Bert van Dam. We believe that the world could have more positive relationships. And that we can enable that in a very simple way. By using technology for good.

We probably all know that feeling from our youth: does the other feels the same about me. Untill now there where only to options. Ask the other. Or do not ask the other. Both with their (dis)advantages. Not asking was until now quiet often the outcome. With a potential lost relationship as a consequence.

In 2020 we invented a unique, very easy to use crush confirmation tool that creates a third option. With morethannice you can express your feelings to the other without any downside. Only when the other feels exactly the same, your identity will be disclosed to the other. Morethannice is your discrete buddy in expressing your feelings. We are a modern, technology based “postillion d’amour”.

Our team – Amsterdam based - is expanding, but we want to keep the organisation small, at low cost. Our aim is to offer the morethannice tool within 3 years to all the people in the world that have feelings for the other but not able to ask that one question. Our key metric is the number of crush matches that we are able to support.

Why do we do it.

Enabling love between people that are meant to be together but who are not able to ask that one question…

Memories was a TV program in the Netherlands that was broadcasted for almost 20 years from 1997. The aim was to connect elderly people with the love from their youth. Founder Bert van Dam was struck by some episodes where both persons got very emotional as they found out after all these years that the other person exactly felt the same about him/her – “you are the love of my life”. The drama: they never told each other – for whatever reason. In silence, you could see them thinking: what if I would have told the other. How would our lives have been? MoreThanNice was born. With the sole purpose to lower the threshold for people to take this step. So we will have more love in the world from couples that are meant for each other.