Do you have feelings for someone and want to know if this person feels the same?

Morethannice checks if your crush is mutual and only then reveals your identity to each other. It’s a safe, easy to use crush confirmation tool.

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What we do?

Do you have feelings for someone and do you want to know in a safe, easyway wether the crush is mutual? morethannice is a simple app to let the other know, he or she is your crush without giving away your identity.  The only way your crush will see your identity is when they feel exactly the same about you.

When you have added your crush, morethannice offers messaging options (e.g. by text, email) to anonymously inform your crush that someone has feelings for them in morethannice. Your crush can then also add the person they have feelings for in morethannice. Only when its mutual, you have a match and your identities get shared to eachother.

We are not a dating app. We only exist to help you share your real feelings without the risk of harming the friendships you have.

How it works.

1. Reached out to crush

Send a message to your crush by filling in their e-mail address or telephone number, verify your instagram and fill in your e-mail address for getting a confirmation.

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2. Crush responds to message

Your crush will be able to respond to your anonymous message sent via morethannice.

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3. Match is revealed

When your crush also has a crush on you, it will be revealed. Even if your crush does not have a crush on you this will be revealed.  

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We do it secure.

We care about the discretion of your crush. It’s our highest priority.


Morethannice doesn’t work with public profiles. Your account is private and secure.

Crush targeting

Your crush will only see your identity when (s)he also has a crush on you.


Your data will not be shared with others or used eg for advertising

Who are we?

MoreThanNice was founded in 2021 to bring more relationships in the world between people that want to be together but feel a threshold to ask that one question. We have developed our crush confirmation tool to express your feelings to the other without any downside.

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Is it true that when I sent a message to a crush, that this person doesn’t see that this message is coming from me?

YES, that is true. The person will only know that this message comes from you when this person also confirms a crush on you.

How does MTN handle the security of my data?

For MTN security is crucial. MTN does not share your data with others and only you will find out if your crush has a crush on you if it is mutual

Do I have to pay for MTN service?

Currently doing a crush check on morethannice is free. It would be possible that we could ask a small fee for our services in the future.

How long will a crushcheck stay in the database? Can I delete a crushcheck?

Once a crushcheck is submitted, it will send automatically a message to your crush. After sending a crushcheck you are not able to delete it anymore.

Does MTN use my personal data for other purpose than MTN service?

NO, MTN does not use your data for any other purpose than MTN services. There is no advertising on MTN and MTN does not sell your data to other companies.

Is MTN only available when using Instagram accounts? I do not have a Instagram account.

The MTN-service will expand in near future. After Instagram also LinkedIn will be added, and possible other social media accounts will follow.